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Nick Pourfard

Nick combined his passions as an industrial design and makes musical art by creating guitars out of recycled skateboards.

  • Nick Pourfard's instagram
  • Nick Pourfard's website

Nate Tyler

Nate has built a career as a pro-surfer and when he’s not on the board he’s sculpting and creating custom made art pieces out of repurposed metal.

  • Nate Tyler's instagram
  • Nate Tyler's website

Sean Newport

Sean manipulates wood into three-dimensional shapes then paints them to create patterns that emerge from unique geometric designs.

  • Sean Newport's instagram
  • Sean Newport's website

Megan Rugani

Megan Rugani is inspired by motorcycles, rock n’ roll, and 60’s & 70’s counterculture, and she creates handcrafted, long-lasting jewelry.

  • Megan Rugani's instagram
  • Megan Rugani's website

Adri Law

Adri co-founded the annual Paradise Road Show to pay homage to the classic car and motorcycle shows of yesteryear.

  • Adri Law's instagram
  • Adri Law's website

Scott Montoya

Former Growlers drummer, Scott Montoya has two organizations that have been instrumental in giving the Long Beach community access to music.

  • Scott Montoya's instagram
  • Happy Sundays LBC website
  • Studios for Schools website
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