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Nick Pourfard


Designer, woodworker, and founder of Prisma Guitars. Nick blends his lifelong love of skating, music, and industrial design to create one-of-a-kind guitars made from recycled skateboards. We’re stoked to have him host our first stop in his home city of San Diego to talk about how he’s forging a truly unique creative path.

Mike Anderson


Pro skater, Ventura-native, and friend to wild goats. Well-known and respected for his unique and stylish approach to skating, Mike has landed sponsorships with some huge industry brands. But you can find him off-grid, shredding in his backyard skatepark in the hills near Ojai. We love how much he loves his neck of the woods.

  • Mike Anderson's instagram
  • Mike Anderson's website

Sean Newport


Artist and designer based in San Francisco. Sean creates super interesting, tactile wall sculptures by hand from hundreds of hand-cut wood shapes. His work explores geometric design, optical patterns, and color. At this stop on The Good Trip, he’ll be showcasing some pieces and talking about his inspiration, and the role that cannabis plays in his process.

Megan Rugani


Oakland-based jewelry designer and illustrator. Megan’s work fuses counterculture with craftsmanship. The result is beautiful, detailed pieces with her signature and unmistakable edge. Her skill is the real thing, and she’s a big part of the maker culture movement that’s shaping the East Bay.

Adri Law


Photographer and Paradise Road Show co-founde. Adri’s badass work spans fashion, editorial, and motorcycle travel — and she’s at the center of LA’s art and streetwear worlds. We’re collaborating with Adri to create some images that will be on display at our final stop on The Good Trip.

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